Wednesday, June 17, 2015

New Customs: Fisher Price Little People Universal Monsters

These new customs were a combination of two things: First, I’ve been obsessing over the vintage Fisher Price Little People line lately. I picked up the castle not too long ago, and things have started to spiral since then. Second, I’ve been talking in a ridiculous Dracula voice around the house (much to my wife’s annoyance), so it only made sense to blend the two together.

Using a few classic Fisher Price Little People characters, I created a line of Fisher Price Little People Universal Monsters. The simplicity of the Little People line made these both easy and difficult. They were easy because I only had to draw two black dots on a white figure to call it The Mummy. However, they were difficult because you’re limited to just a few simple shapes and basic details to capture the spirit of an iconic character.

Friday, June 12, 2015

The Crappy Disguise of He-Man's Alter Ego

There's no way that's the same guy. One's wearing a vest.
When it comes to keeping your alter ego safe, it’s quite possible that He-Man’s plan is even worse than Superman’s foolproof idea of “putting on glasses.” For He-Man, a purple vest is all that’s needed to hide the identity of the most powerful man in the universe.

I don’t want to say that He-Man is all brawn and no brains, but it seems to me if you want your alter ego to be a secret, you might want to try adopting something more than just the dress code for a Wal-Mart greeter. (NOTE: I realize that Wal-Mart greeters wear blue vests instead of purple vests, and I realize that they usually wear pants instead of fur underwear with tights.)

Step 1: Put on a vest. 
Step 2: Leave your face exactly the same.
Step 3: Carry a different sword.
Step 4: Wear some tights.
Step 5: Fool the world.

Monday, May 25, 2015

The Owl Man is Heading to Scotland

A few weeks ago, I found a Safari LTD owl at a craft store and decided to decapitate it for a custom action figure from Lord of Tears. I had planned to keep it for myself to add to my own horror collection. I hadn’t planned for it to catch the attention of Lord of Tears director Lawrie Brewster, who would then go on to share it to his own fans via Twitter and FB.

Needless to say, after cleaning the poop out of my pants from excitement, I chatted with Lawrie online and was overwhelmed by his positive response. Not only is he the nicest guy imaginable, but the dude also makes an insanely scary movie. If Owl Man should be in the hands of anybody, it’s the movie’s own director. So I couldn’t be more thrilled that the Owl Man will be heading to Scotland to find a new home with director Lawrie Brewster and the gang at Hex Media.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Go Buy My Brother's Nintendo Lullaby Album (Now)

As some of you know, my brother records lullaby versions of classic Nintendo music under the name 8-Bit Baby. His third full-length album was just released last week, and it's insanely good. If you've never listened to any of his music before, look down at your feet, and then run your head into the nearest wall as fast as you can. 

My brother's music is fully licensed with Nintendo, and it's been featured on Game Informer, DNAinfo, Polygon, and more. Keep in mind, these Nintendo lullabies aren't just for people with kids. So don't feel like you need to haphazardly procreate with some stranger just as an excuse to buy his album. 

His newest album is a compilation of classic NES and SNES music, with everything from Castlevania to Mega Man 3. It's available on Loudr, iTunes and Spotify, and you can buy any of the 8-Bit Baby albums by clicking here. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

New Customs: Classic Atari Action Figures

A lot of classic Atari titles received very little merch (or none at all), which is why some of these games have endured as classics, in my opinion. If Atari had been shoving merchandise down our throats for every franchise, maybe we all would've grown sick of these games.

Either way, if Atari had decided in the 80's to cash in on their popular games, this is exactly what their toys would’ve looked like (in my opinion). While the last batch of Atari figures I made were constructed from vintage GI Joes, these were made from vintage Kenner Star Wars toys, giving them a classic 80’s look.

And rather than make them only for myself, I made a few extra Missile Command figures and a few extra Berzerk figures to sell. They're all on eBay now for sale.

Click here to buy a Missile Command figure. SOLD OUT!!!!!
Click here to buy a Berzerk figure.
Click here to see a video of an idiot falling off a ladder.